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We create beautifully built, statement homes with a high quality finish and meticulous attention to detail.

Needed for this stage: I have technical drawings

Building is more than just stacking bricks; it's about creating a harmonious process where every component seamlessly integrates with the next.

Our approach goes beyond merely following a design. We take great care to carry out ‘joined up’ building work, meticulously coordinating different suppliers, subcontractors, and trades to ensure a cohesive whole. Your project evolves step-by-step, each phase enhancing and refining the final result.

We take pride in not just meeting but exceeding the original design expectations through thoughtful adjustments and improvements along the way.

How does it work?


Cost review and contracts

We start with a detailed cost review and use it to finalise a Contract Sum (i.e. how much it will cost) and formal building contract, such as the JCT Design & Build Contract, to make sure all parties fully understand the goals, timelines and budget.


Site setup and construction stage

Once everything is in place, we set up your site and commence construction, turning plans into reality.


On-site supervision

A dedicated Construction Supervisor is present throughout the build to ensure safety, efficiency, and adherence to project specifications. They’ll also make sure we are keeping the neighbours fully updated and on-side throughout.


Final inspections

After construction, we conduct thorough final inspections and address any issues before you move in. We will not sign off on a home until we are happy that it reflects our reputation for the highest quality.



Upon completion, we provide you with keys and codes, and a Building Manual. This will help you now as you move in, and in the future should you decide to do any additional work or sell the property.



Our Design and Build Contracts allow for an Aftercare Period of up to 12 months, during which time, any shrinkage cracks or other typical new building snagging will be remedied for you.

Why choose Richards?

We are

Trusted and experienced

There are many tradespeople in Cornwall, and some do really good work. However, we believe with over 20 years of experience we can offer something truly outstanding, whether in timber, stone, brick or concrete.

We pride ourselves on our

Expert craftsmanship

Creating your dream home is our privilege and we take pride in getting it just right for you. Our goal is to ensure you and your family can live there comfortably for many years to come.

We offer

Expertise and suggestions

Instead of blindly following the brief, we’ll offer thoughtful enhancements where appropriate to refine your design for a smoother build and superior end product.

We tailor

Our process

You can be as involved or as hands-off as you would like at every stage in the process; it’s completely up to you.

We care about your


We work closely with your future neighbours and local community to ensure they are informed, and suffer as little disruption as possible. Our sites are kept tidy and well run, to minimise disturbances.

We provide a

Seamless handover

We will only sign off on your house when we are 100% happy it is up to quality. At which point we provide you with comprehensive handover documentation for a super smooth move-in.

Previous stage

Technical Design

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